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Export Model

Click on the Export button in the left side menu bar, you will see these options: Download Model File, Docker Image, Deploy Model as API.

1. If you require the model files only, can use the Download Model File option and get the model in .h5 format. We have a sample prediction code which can be used to load the model and predict the image.


2. The model along with the prediction API application can be deployed with the help of Docker image which can be downloded with this option. Kindly use instructions to deploy the same.


3. Deploy model as API:

You need to upgrade your subscription to use this feature.

For further queries please contact us at [email protected]

  • Once the training and testing of the model is done, You can find all your built models in My Models Section. Select the model you want to check the report. my_model1

Video showing how you can build your own Image Classification Model on IMAGE_ALT